Race Course MAPS

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis facing our society, Herbie’s Hometown Loop 2021 is virtual!

We invite you to please get out and run or walk 4 or 10 miles on your own in memory of Jeremy and all victims of gun violence between Saturday, August 14, 2021 and Saturday, August 21, 2021. If you’d like to run our usual courses, the race maps are below. See you on the trails!

4 Mile Run/Walk Map

  • Head south on S Spring St toward W Cherry Ln
  • Turn left onto Spring St
  • Head southeast on Spring St toward Manchester St
  • Continue onto Crawford St
  • Head east on Crawford St
  • Continue onto Crawford Ln
  • Head east on Crawford Ln toward Hepburn St
  • Continue onto Crawford St
  • Turn right onto Blanchard St
  • Head southeast on Blanchard St toward Union Rd
  • Turn left onto Humes Rd
  • Head northeast on Humes Rd toward S Monroe St
  • Turn left onto Hughes St
  • Head north on Hughes St toward E Burnside St
  • Turn right to stay on Hughes St
  • Head north on Hughes St toward John Miller Ln
  • Turn right onto E Bishop St
  • Head east on E Bishop St toward S McAllister St
  •  Continue onto Zion Rd
  • Turn left onto S Parkview Blvd
  • Head north on S Parkview Blvd toward Parkwood Dr
  • Turn left onto E High St
  • Head west on E High St toward Oak Ln
  • Head west on E High St toward N School St
  • Turn right onto Mc Allister St
  • Head north on Mc Allister St toward Wood St
  • Turn left onto E Howard St
  • Turn right onto N Monroe St
  • Head northwest on N Monroe St toward E Linn St
  • Turn left onto E Curtin St
  • Head west on E Curtin St toward N Wilson St
  • Head west on E Curtin St toward N Ridge St
  • Turn left onto N Spring St
  • Head south on N Spring St toward W Linn St
  • Turn left onto W High St

10 Mile Run Map 

Home Town Loop 10-mile | MapMyRun

For the 10 Mile race route, you will first follow the 4 Mile race route. When they turn left onto W High St. to finish you will instead continue straight on Spring St and follow these directions.

  • Follow Spring St. to Pine St. Turn RIGHT onto Pine St.
  • Follow Pine St. to SR 144. Turn RIGHT onto 144
  • Follow 144 to SR 150 (i.e. the Benner Pike). Turn LEFT onto 150
  • Follow 150 to Valentine Hill. Turn LEFT onto Valentine Hill
  • Follow Valentine Hill to the turn-around.
  • Grab some water or a freeze-pop. Turn-around.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Barrington Lane.
  • Follow Barrington to Farmington Lane. Turn RIGHT onto Farmington
  • Follow Farmington to Amberleigh Lane. Turn RIGHT onto Amberleigh
  • Follow Amberleigh to the Benner Pike (i.e. SR 150).
  • Turn RIGHT onto SR150/the Benner Pike, running toward traffic.
  • Follow SR150 about 100 feet to Fishburn Hill. Turn LEFT onto Fishburn
  • Follow Fishburn to Spring Creek Rd. Turn RIGHT onto Spring Creek
  • Follow Spring Creek to Spring Creek Rd./Seibert. Bear RIGHT to continue on Spring Creek
  • Cross SR 550 to continue STRAIGHT to Roopsburg/Slaughterhouse Rd. Follow Roopsburg Rd. to S. Potter St.
  • Bear RIGHT onto S. Potter St.
  • Follow S. Potter St. to High St. Turn RIGHT onto High St. and finish in front of the Railroad Station at Talleyrand Park! Watch for traffic near to the finish!