Race Course MAPS

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis facing our society, Herbie’s Hometown Loop 2020 is cancelled!!!!

We invite you to please get out and run or walk 4 or 10 miles on your own in memory of Jeremy and all victims of mass gun violence on August 8, 2020 (what would have been this year’s Herbie’s Hometown Loop).

4 Mile Run/Walk Map

  • Head south on S Spring St toward W Cherry Ln
  • Turn left onto Spring St
  • Head southeast on Spring St toward Manchester St
  • Continue onto Crawford St
  • Head east on Crawford St
  • Continue onto Crawford Ln
  • Head east on Crawford Ln toward Hepburn St
  • Continue onto Crawford St
  • Turn right onto Blanchard St
  • Head southeast on Blanchard St toward Union Rd
  • Turn left onto Humes Rd
  • Head northeast on Humes Rd toward S Monroe St
  • Turn left onto Hughes St
  • Head north on Hughes St toward E Burnside St
  • Turn right to stay on Hughes St
  • Head north on Hughes St toward John Miller Ln
  • Turn right onto E Bishop St
  • Head east on E Bishop St toward S McAllister St
  •  Continue onto Zion Rd
  • Turn left onto S Parkview Blvd
  • Head north on S Parkview Blvd toward Parkwood Dr
  • Turn left onto E High St
  • Head west on E High St toward Oak Ln
  • Head west on E High St toward N School St
  • Turn right onto Mc Allister St
  • Head north on Mc Allister St toward Wood St
  • Turn left onto E Howard St
  • Turn right onto N Monroe St
  • Head northwest on N Monroe St toward E Linn St
  • Turn left onto E Curtin St
  • Head west on E Curtin St toward N Wilson St
  • Head west on E Curtin St toward N Ridge St
  • Turn left onto N Spring St
  • Head south on N Spring St toward W Linn St
  • Turn left onto W High St

10 Mile Run Map 

Home Town Loop 10-mile | MapMyRun

For the 10 Mile race route, you will first follow the 4 Mile race route. When they turn left onto W High St. to finish you will instead continue straight on Spring St and follow these directions.

  • Follow Spring St. to Pine St. Turn RIGHT onto Pine St.
  • Follow Pine St. to SR 144. Turn RIGHT onto 144
  • Follow 144 to SR 150 (i.e. the Benner Pike). Turn LEFT onto 150
  • Follow 150 to Valentine Hill. Turn LEFT onto Valentine Hill
  • Follow Valentine Hill to the turn-around.
  • Grab some water or a freeze-pop. Turn-around.
  • Turn RIGHT onto Barrington Lane.
  • Follow Barrington to Farmington Lane. Turn RIGHT onto Farmington
  • Follow Farmington to Amberleigh Lane. Turn RIGHT onto Amberleigh
  • Follow Amberleigh to the Benner Pike (i.e. SR 150).
  • Turn RIGHT onto SR150/the Benner Pike, running toward traffic.
  • Follow SR150 about 100 feet to Fishburn Hill. Turn LEFT onto Fishburn
  • Follow Fishburn to Spring Creek Rd. Turn RIGHT onto Spring Creek
  • Follow Spring Creek to Spring Creek Rd./Seibert. Bear RIGHT to continue on Spring Creek
  • Cross SR 550 to continue STRAIGHT to Roopsburg/Slaughterhouse Rd. Follow Roopsburg Rd. to S. Potter St.
  • Bear RIGHT onto S. Potter St.
  • Follow S. Potter St. to High St. Turn RIGHT onto High St. and finish in front of the Railroad Station at Talleyrand Park! Watch for traffic near to the finish!