Race Day Water Station Competition

Grab a group of friends and rock a water station for Herbie’s Hometown Loop on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 8AM-12 noon.

We need roughly 6-8 groups of 4 or more people to man water stations for our 4 and 10 mile run courses.

We’ll provide the water, cups, and tables, and we’re asking YOU to provide the entertainment to motivate our participants: live or radio music, candy, popsicles, noise makers, cheering, water baths, clowns, clapping, whatever you can think of!

At the end of the event runners and bikers will vote on who put on the “best” water station, and the top three groups will “win” a prize!  Retired teachers, 4-H groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, FFA groups, High School students, Church groups, local clowns, bands, fun office folks, any and all, please come out and help us make Herbie’s Hometown Loop a fun event for everyone!

In the past, we’ve had the Elks put together a holiday themed station fit with a Slushie machine and elaborate costumes. A local Girl Scout Troop hands out cookies, 4-Her’s hand out cookies and freeze pops and play their music loud, a group of area running moms play crazy 80’s tunes while dressed in neon outfits, a sibling pair hands out freeze-pops at the top of Valentine Hill, Jeremy’s cousins bang out to Rocky, and the Dairy Princess is ready with her chocolate milk at the finish-line. All of the water stations are a huge hit for our participants, and very much appreciated by all! We’re looking forward to seeing what kind of stations you come up with for this year:)

Email Jen (jennifer.herbstritt@gmail.com) or Kim (kgasper@basd.net) for more information or to sign up for a water station today!